Covid-19 – Day 42 Isolation

Good evening all,

Went to Lidl to do my weekly shop, and as I go fairly early I now avoid the crowds yay so my anxieties were held at bay and no need to contemplate murder. Tick tick.

Spent the rest of the morning identifying new keywords for ads and should be ready to set up another ad tomorrow.

Well, maybe not all the morning, I did do my 40 minutes on the treadmill, 8 minutes of which was jogging. I’ve also stuck to my calories again and I’m on course to do the 10,000 step target again today.

I’m a hop, skip and a jump away from the end of the first edit of Illicit Love. Had a little cry despite knowing what was about to happen.

More work on cutting up the wood in the garden, I also chopped down a small tree which had grown up around the side of the shed.

This lockdown is different for many people, some sadly loose their life or that of loved ones, for some they are subjected to abuse, both physical, mental and emotional. For people who crave company, this is hell as it is for people who live for their work. I’m blessed that so far, touch wood, for me it has been a great opportunity to work on my passion for writing and being alone in the house for me isn’t a problem. As much as I enjoy my job, I knew I was stuck in a rut coming home too exhausted to work on my books and then struggling to juggle housework, grocery shopping, family time and writing at the weekend – not to mention time to relax. If this has taught me anything is that I can’t go back to that way of living, I’m not sure what or how to make a change moving forward but I do need to make a plan. I don’t know what will happen when we come out of lockdown, whether or not I’ll be required to be in work or work from home until the danger is passed but either way I will have to find a way not to lose the benefits I’ve gained.

Stay safe.

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