Covid-19 – Day 43 Isolation

Good evening,

Forty-three days in and still as sane as I was before lockdown – that’s not saying much though. I’m a person who has characters talking inside my head, whispering or shouting at me to tell their story. Go figure!

I’d like to start today’s blogpost by saying thank you to the government of this country for all they’re doing. This may not prove popular and if you disagree please keep all comments civil. I don’t normally talk about politics either online or at work or with friends, I keep my own council and allow other people theirs. However, they were never going to please everyone and I truly believe they have done what they think was right. Have they been wrong? Maybe, quite possibly but who’s to know. Comparing our stats with other countries who may live in a different way isn’t a fair comparison.

I’ve seen posts of Facebook criticising our government and accusing them of reacting too slowly endangering lives. I’ve seen people saying that the Draconian steps of lockdown are taking away our civil liberties to have the freedom of movement. Well, everyone is entitled to their view, however, there is nothing more effective than death at removing civil liberties and freedom of movement. I’m not even going to go into the theories about 5G and all the others.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we will never know what was the right approach for our countries, I hope we never get the chance for us to test a different theory. But, our government made sure that the majority of employed people stayed that way and although it’s not ideal have tried to support the self-employed too. Everything they have done was of Herculean proportions and I think they have tried to do what is right, not always what is popular.

So from me, thank you.

Now onto my day!

Zoom chat with colleagues from work and a bit of an idea of what work will look like when the government start to allow us to go back. Closer to home, so maybe more time for me to spend writing and marketing. Seeing the positives.

Went for my first walk outside for the sake of exercise only. Went down to Hounslow Heath and walked around the woods, just under an hour which included a 10 minute jog. Bit harder on that terrain than the treadmill.

Editing of Illicit Love and realised that I don’t know whether one of my characters has 3, 4 or 5 kids. Might need to go back and check that. It’s actually one of the few areas I don’t have written in my notes. Hmm. Glad I spotted it before my eagle-eyed editor did.

This afternoon I watched an Amazon training webinar for marketing books, more things to consider just as my time is going to become sparser! Oh well, always a challenge.

I set up another Amazon Ad Campaign, that’s a total of thirty-nine ads in the US and one in the UK so far. Bryan Cohen would be proud of me!

More cutting up the wood from the shed. If we go back too soon I won’t get my garden finished! 🙂

Quiz night tonight with some of my colleagues. Oh dear time for me NOT to shine again. LOL
Last place 61/101! The music round screwed me over again.

Anyway I’m heading off.

Stay safe.

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