Covid-19 – Day 41 Isolation

Evening all,

Another lovely day spent at home. Started my healthy lifestyle today, and I’ve stuck to my calorie allowance. Had a 37 minute walk on the treadmill and 3 minute jog. Each day I hope to build on that until I’m half-marathon ready again. My knees are hurting a bit so really need to take this easy. I also done one rep of my weights, again I will increase this each week until I reach the three required reps.

Lots of editing done on Illicit Love. Searched more keywords and set another Amazon Ad, loads more to do yet but another step in the right direction. I also started reading Bryan Cohen’s How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis. This lockdown has been a great opportunity to learn for me.

I managed to pull the rest of the shed down in the garden, now need to cut the wood down and remove the rotten base.

Stay safe.

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