My Travel Destinations


In 2015 I was fortunate enough to go on a second holiday and to the exotic location of The Maldives where a water bungalow was the culmination of my life’s dream to stay on the water. It was a surreal experience, the crashing of the waves as I slept was louder than I had anticipated and the slight movement in the bungalows were something to get used to. I fell in love with it and would love to re-create that experience. I could leave the curtains open and wake up with the sun rising and see the ocean from my bed. In the evening I could watch the sun dip low in the sky as night drew closer. I had a balcony with steps down in the sea from where I spent many a long hour watching the fish, sharks, birds and writing.

This is a location where there are beautiful reefs and bright and colourful fish that swim in between your legs as you float in the shallows. If you are looking for an action-packed holiday this isn’t for you but to indulge in relaxation, sun, sea, sand and lovely food then you can’t go wrong by visiting here. I can also recommend the sea plane experience as you get to see the aerial view of all the islands. An experience never to be forgotten.




I love going on holiday to new and exciting countries if my budget allowed I would travel more frequently. There is nothing more exciting that landing at a new destination and spending time exploring new surroundings. Seeing what the country has to offer, the beautiful scenery, the food and more. This page will give you a little glimpse into my travels so far.

It is also the time when I can write to my heart’s content, no distractions and a clear mind.

The picture featured above was taken in Antigua, a destination I was lucky enough to visit twice. I used to sit here away from the busier end of the beach. Apart from the occasional person walking past I had this to myself. I would sit and watch the waves, listening to the gentle crash as it slapped against the sand before being drawn back out again. It was a perfect place to take my notebook and pen from my straw beach bag and write.



Malta  11403263_10152939333477321_1896347435941278616_n11659279_10152939333262321_4042298391470973281_n

I recently returned from a 10-day holiday to Malta. My holidays normally include copious amounts of sand cascading from every item and a suitcase weighed down by it but where I went to in Malta, I didn’t really see what I would class as a beach. I saw a small stretch but on further investigation discovered it to be made up of lots of small shells that were rough on the feet. I was assured that there were proper beaches, but I didn’t venture out to look for them. To be honest, there was so much more to Malta that it didn’t really matter.

Everywhere I travelled I saw signs of Malta’s cultural past. There was a Megalithic stonework in the grounds of my hotel. Malta was occupied by many different nations who all left their mark. The Arab influence can be heard in their language and seen in the place names.

Norman, Baroque and Gothic architecture can be seen all over Malta. The splendour and majesty of these buildings fill you with awe. I wandered around Valletta and Medina soaking up the vibe. Some people enjoy hearing all about the history of the building that they are seeing, taking in a quantity of information that leaves you dizzy. I can’t stand organised tours and crowds of people, I love to explore in silence. To run my fingers along the stone walls, to feel the chalky texture and to absorb a little bit of what happened there, as though the feelings of the past penetrate into my skin.


10984975_10152939348062321_964448448815861895_n The Azure Window, Gozo

During my time in Malta, I also visited Gozo twice which was also a feast for the eyes. I spent a short while sitting on the cliffs looking down at the  Azure Window; inspiration flowed from my fingertips to the notebook where I worked on a new story. It was a holiday where I felt so inspired I wrote upwards of 20,000 words and came up with another idea for a book.


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