About Me & My Books


I started reading and writing from an early age, it has always been my passion and my escape. There are so many worlds out there to discover and to create. I write in many genres; my mind is alive with thoughts and ideas, so I allow them free release on paper. If I were to sum up what the common denominator is between my books, I would have to say they tug at the heartstrings – in the main. My readers tell me I’ve reduced them to tears. Inspiration comes in many forms and I grab it with greedy hands. I am predominantly a pantser, planning only when needed.

I work full-time but my dream is to be able to make a living from writing and be able to give my undivided time to releasing all the books that are floating around in my over-active brain.

When I’m not writing, I like reading, crafting, running, listening to music or riding my motorbike.

About my books:

Children from the Streets Series – this is a six book series which started with ‘A Boy from the Streets.’ Twin babies orphaned in Brazil, one is adopted into a life of luxury in England and the other is left to the mercies of the streets of Rio. I only had it in mind to write one book but the characters called out to me to write their story too.

Books in the series:

Book I: A Boy from the Streets

Book II: Sins of the Father

Book III: The Other Side of the Streets (In progress)

Book IV: Sad Farewells (In Progress)

Book V: Truth & Retribution (In Progress)

Book VI: Return to the Streets (In Progress)

The inspiration for the series – Whilst doing research for another series that I’m working on, I read a book by foreign correspondent Christina Lamb. I was looking for information on Afghanistan, or more accurately what it was like to be a foreign correspondent there. In the book, she spoke about her time in Brazil and the children who lived on the streets. There were thousands of street urchins and they were subjected to horrors as their numbers were culled by despicable means. I felt a cold shiver run the length of my body and then the germ of an idea, which demanded that I tell the boys’ stories.

The English Love Series – this is due to be a three book series which started with ‘Is this Love?’ Gemma and Theo meet on a night out. She’s an independent woman, beautiful with a great sense of humour. He’s a modern man with old-fashioned values. The attraction is instantaneous. But as they go their separate ways with promises to meet again, Theo gets tricked into getting back with his spiteful ex-girlfriend and they must learn to forget each other – but that doesn’t prove to be easy.

Books in the series:

Book I: Is this Love?

Book II: Illicit Love. (In progress)

Book III: Healing Love

The inspiration for the series: This series started with the tiniest thread of reality, I met someone who inspired this story. I am not Gemma, he is not Theo and the story is purely fictional but the germ of an idea started with our meeting.

The Demon Series (Series name to be decided)

This is a novelette but I have plans for a novel to follow on from this story as I realised that the demon’s story wasn’t over and it needed to be shared with the world. Matty is drawn into a dream world from which she can’t escape. Two men vie for her love, her husband Donald who wants to win the love of his life back and Thomas who is not who he seems.

Books in the series:

Book I: As Dreams are Made on:

Book II: Reaper of Souls (In progress)

The inspiration for the series: I started this book with no idea in my mind, someone told me I should write a short story and publish it while I polished my first novel which had taken about thirteen years. This was to enable me to gain experience and experiment with self-publishing. I only had my iPhone on me at the time, so I opened up notes with no idea what I was going to write. The words flowed, the story took shape and it went on from there.