Paranormal, Time slip Romance – As Dreams Are Made On

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Newly wed Matty Taylor is plagued by visions that force her to seek out a Gypsy at a local fair. Dragged violently into a frightening dream world, she is soon rescued by the mysterious Thomas Trevelyan and taken to his secluded house in the woods. Will her husband, Donald, suspend his disbelief and wake her from her nightmare? Can Thomas win her heart and keep her from the lure of her real life and the love of her husband?

2 thoughts on “Paranormal, Time slip Romance – As Dreams Are Made On”

  1. Intriguing and a somewhat unforeseen storyline.

    Maria Gibbs has a superb way with words, and after reading a few of her novellas, I’ve become a fan. She has a natural flow, which is a pleasure to read, and As Dreams are Made is no exception.

    The characters in As Dreams are Made are simultaneously believable, and of a paranormal realm. I enjoyed the alternating point of view, and how the two seemingly separate stories begin to merge, leading to a conclusion. There is a steady sense of flow and progression.

    While this is a great novella, I feel that it deserves a little further development. There is so much back story available for the plot. I would like to know more about the characters and the events that occurred. Perhaps it just felt a little short because I enjoyed it immensely.


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