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West Midlands Attending Author Interview: Audrina Lane



  1. Can we start with your name and where you’re from?

My name is Audrina Lane and I’m from Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

2. Most authors love reading, is this true for you and if so who was/is your inspiration?

Absolutely, I’ve been a voracious reader since as early age, devouring classics like Little Women and Gone with the Wind. I guess my main inspiration is Stephen King, because he writes such brilliant characters. I also enjoy Jilly Cooper and Anita Shreve.

3. What genre do you write in or do you cross over into many?

I write contemporary love stories but with an erotic twist. However I have plans for branching into the paranormal genre in the future and have been enjoying writing short stories with a horror/supernatural edge to them. Still love though!!

4. If you could take any character from someone else’s book and make him/her your own creation who would it be and why?

It would have to be Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind, because she is such a complex and feisty female throughout the novel. In many ways I want to shout at her and give her a good shake and in other ways I completely admire her ambition.

5. When did you first start writing?

I started writing short stories for my sisters when I was a teenager. I then wrote my first full length novel in 1992, aged 19. However it languished in a loft until 2013 when I re-worked the idea into my first book.

6. Do you plan every inch of your books or do you just let the words flow?

I’m afraid I just let the words flow although I generally have a rough outline of the story in my head. However this often changes as my characters evolve and shape the story.

7. Who is your favourite character and why? (your own character)

It has to be Stephanie from my Heart Trilogy series and my first character. She is kind of based on me and many of my hopes and fears so she’s kind of like my twin sister.

8. Was there an event in your life that triggered a particular book, or even a scene in a book? If so what was the book and what was the event?

The first book in The Heart Trilogy is very much based on my first love affair and trying to make sense of why something so perfect, ended! My favourite scene in the book is Stephanie’s first kiss with James and this was taken from the memory of my first kiss, strangely enough in the same location, with a lifeguard called James!!


9. Are you working on anything at the moment? If so can you share any tasty morsels?

I’m currently working on the 2nd part of my two part series called Bloodstained Heart. Part 2 – Revenge. This is the story of Felicity, the evil bitch who causes havoc and destruction in the Heart Trilogy series. 


I’m also working on collaboration with another author called Rita Ames called 24 Hours to Love. It’s a love story written by the two main characters. I write as Jackson, the alpha male racing car driver and Rita is writing as Lola the pit board model that he falls in love with during the Le Mans 24 Hour motor race. (See teaser attached)


10. What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?

Just do it, don’t worry about it or put it off. I wish I’d started writing years ago as I feel I have so many stories to tell and not enough time to tell them in!!

11. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I work full-time for Herefordshire Library Service, delivering the service to schools, nursing homes and the elderly within Herefordshire. It can be frustrating being surrounded by books when all I really want to be doing is writing. My writing happens in every other available space and time during evenings, weekends, and lunch hours! I also enjoy walking my dogs, listening to music and dancing.

12. What is the hardest part of the whole writing, editing, marketing process for you?

I think it’s the editing and trying to be more concise and precise with my writing. Luckily I have a great editor and a friend who is really good at spotting spelling and grammar mistakes for me.

13. We all have those friends or family members who make sweeping statements about our writing or the process, which is your particular bug bear?

My other half when I’m sat on the sofa with my iPad open and he asks “Are you busy?” Apparently this does not look busy to him so always have to make sure that all the relevant chores are complete before I do sit down.

14. What is your idea of happiness?

Having the time to write more!!

15. For this one I want you to showcase your creativity by painting me a picture, with words, of your ideal setting to write in.

I can feel the soft, warm breeze drifting up from the ocean that is directly in front of me. My sun lounger is positioned to shade me as I sip on my cold gin and tonic and let my characters frolic in their story.

16. What makes you laugh/cry?

My dogs playing together or fighting over a chew or toy makes me laugh. As for crying I’ve done a fair bit recently and generally because certain songs come on the radio and remind me of the past.

17. You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take three men/women who would they be and why? This can be practical or purely sexual in nature.

Mmh, good question! I would take George Michael for his singing and song writing. I’m sure we would be able to shoot the breeze and have a great friendship. Scott Eastwood, because he is so hot and can swim so we’d have some fun together in the waves! Finally my best friend Miriam, because a girl always needs a gossip!

18. What is your most annoying habit?

Biting the skin around my fingers, it’s a nervous habit that I do when I’m stressed or upset.

19. Please tell me about your books? For each one please send a pic (kindle cover would be perfect)

The Heart Trilogy

Where did your Heart go? – The first book in the series. It’s a story about Stephanie and her daughter Charlotte set in my home town of Ross-on-Wye. When Charlotte’s first relationship comes to an end her Mum gives her the diary from 1988 which is the story of her own first love affair. A great look at first love in the 80’s juxtaposed against first love today, and the possibility of second chances.

Unbreak my Heart – The Second book in the series. It sees Stephanie reunited with her first love James, whilst Charlotte is happy in her relationship with Mitchell. But the evil ex-wife Felicity is on the scene and causing chaos and dancing ambitions may pull Charlotte and Mitchell apart.

Closer to the Heart – The final book in the series finds both couples struggling with their relationships with family deaths and Felicity’s destructive nature. But will it all end happily – I’m afraid I can’t say as it would spoil things!

All the trilogy books are filled with references to fantastic music from the 80’s through to now.

Bloodstained Heart. Part 1 – Passion

The first in a two part series (I’m currently writing the 2nd) this is a dark, erotic romance that tells the life of Felicity (from the Heart Trilogy). The first part starts as she approaches 18 years old in 1978 and then continues and gives a different perspective on the events from all of the Heart Trilogy series. It also gives a more in depth look at some of the other characters from the series.

20. Lightning round

Tea or Coffee? Coffee
Cash or credit? Cash
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Beach or Mountain? Beach
Summer or Winter Summer
Sweet or Savoury Savoury
Early riser or late riser? Early
Morning or Night? Morning
Christmas Tree – real or fake? Fake
Sex – Lights on or off? Dimmed


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