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New Release: The Planting of the Penny Hedge by Chris Turnbull

My Detective Matthews Novel is out now!
Available on paperback or kindle



Cover design by Joseph Hunt of Incredibook Design

When an unknown man is discovered dead on Whitby beach, it is assumed that he has drowned. However, when the police arrive at the scene it soon becomes clear that there is more to this case than a simple drowning victim.
The chief calls in newly appointed Detective Benjamin Matthews to look into the case. Matthews, originally from Whitby, has been living these past two years in York as a PC, and is less than happy with his transfer back to the harbour town.
With a relocation, a family conflict and now a new case to solve Matthews is well and truly thrown in at the deep end; and the more he delves into the young mans complex life, the darker things get.

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Round-up of the week 9th June 2019

World News:

Boxing teaches Kenyan girls to defend themselves

In one of Nairobi’s toughest neighbourhoods, a boxing academy is helping girls and young women learn how to defend themselves.

Box Girls uses self-defence training to help women and girls feel safer and to stand up for themselves and those around them.

London News:

Balloon over London
Dozens of hot air balloons took flight over London and filled the capital’s skyline on Sunday morning.
A total of 46 balloons took off from Battersea Park and flew over some of London’s landmarks including The Shard, Canary Wharf and Greenwich.
It was all part of the Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta – which has been running since 2015.
Funds raised will go to three charities – Samaritans, OnSide Youth Zones and Place2B.

My World:

Carpet is down in the spare room and I’ve begun the process of putting the room back together, can’t wait until everything is back in there and I have my home back to normal.
On another note I have started a new eating plan in an attempt to get my weight/health back on track. My friend told me about Team RH and after watching some of their videos I loved what they had to say, everything makes sense. Healthy eating and exercise. Calories and macros arranged around your height, weight and exercise level. They have a user friendly app and constant support on Facebook. Watch this space.
If you want more information, type in Team RH in google or Facebook.

My Word:
Working on book six, Return to the Streets.

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Round-up of the week 19th May 2019


Indian sprinter Dutee Chand speaks during a press conference in Hyderabad
Indian sprinter Dutee Chand has revealed she is in a same-sex relationship, the first sportsperson in India to openly acknowledge being gay.
The 23-year-old athlete says she has been seeing her partner, who comes from her village, for five years.
Chand says the Indian Supreme Court’s historic decision to descriminalise gay sex in 2018 encouraged her to speak publicly about her sexuality.
But some members of her family have not accepted her relationship, she says.
“I am having a relationship with a 19-year-old woman from my village [Chaka Gopalpur] for the past five years”, she told reporters from Hyderabad where she is training.
“I have found someone who is my soulmate. I have always believed that everyone should have the freedom to love. There is no greater emotion than love and it should not be denied.”
Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed a “sneak peek” at the garden she has designed for the Chelsea Flower Show.
Catherine is pictured in her Back To Nature Garden in a series of images posted on photo-sharing site Instagram.
The duchess’s woodland wilderness plot forms part of her work on early childhood development.
Speaking ahead of the garden’s unveiling, she said spending time outdoors can help children grow up to become “happy, healthy adults”.


Duchess of Cambridge
In a letter to experts, she wrote that it was “heart-breaking” to know there is a “long way to go” to ensure all children grow up “happy, healthy, and equipped to be able to take every opportunity that comes their way”.
The duchess, who is mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, added: “I can understand that people [parents] are nervous about asking for help for fear of judgment, and how that sense of isolation can quickly become overriding and debilitating for any new parent.”
Co-created with landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White, along with the Royal Horticultural Society, the garden is intended by the duchess to highlight the benefits the natural world brings to mental and physical well-being.
Duchess of Cambridge
Earlier this year, landscape architect Ms Davies told the Daily Telegraph that the duchess had brought the idea of forest bathing to the discussions.
The Japanese concept is the practice of spending time in woodland to help relaxation.

What is forest bathing?
Forest bathing – or the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku – originates from 1980s Japan, where it was introduced as a national health programme by the government.
Japanese scientists found two hours of mindful exploration in a forest could reduce blood pressure, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and improve memory and concentration.
They also found phytoncides – chemicals emitted by trees – have an anti-microbial effect on humans, boosting our immune systems.
In practice, forest bathing means simply slowing down and taking time to really immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere.
The Forestry Agency of Japan says: “Just as bathing in a hot spring helps to soak your cares away, going for a walk in the woods is said to have a soothing effect.”
Source: National Trust / Forestry Agency of Japan

The garden features a swing seat hanging below a high-platform treehouse, “encouraging creative play and discovery for all generations”.
The treehouse has been constructed from chestnut, with hazel, stag horn oak and larch nest cladding and was reportedly inspired by a bird or animal nest.
The multi-sensory garden is also said to be filled with “incredible edibles”, plants for craft activities and forest scenes.
It will also feature a swing seat, rustic den and a campfire as well as tree stumps, stepping stones and a hollow log for children to play on.

My World:
This week I decided I needed to get a handle on my battle with food. I’ve always said I’m all or nothing, so I can be all good and eat healthily but once I start to eat unhealthy foods it opens the floodgates to be all bad. This wasn’t working, clearly as a good friend pointed out. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and as all you forty-somethings know, it gets harder to shift than when you’re a twenty-something. I needed to change my relationship with food once and for all.
I had a think about what would work for me, I’ve done the diets, not interested in the groups…you get the picture. What do I like? What appeals to my brain? Answer: Spreadsheets, love them. So I devised a point system, i get points for exercise, for eating good foods and not eating bad foods and set a weekly, achievable target ( which will increase over time) and so I can eat a bar of chocolate without adding crisps, fizzy drink and takeaway to the mix. This week I’ve smashed my 50 point target for the week and lost a kilo.
Watch this space!
Still working on decorating the spare room, on the final stretch…all that I need to do now is the wallpapering and get a new carpet. Yay! Can’t wait to get my house back in order.
Sunday was spent with my family to celebrate my niece, Beth’s 20th birthday.
Still reading Dreams of Beautiful Whisper by Tanya Jones and loving every minute, just wish I had more reading time.
I’ve got my probation review next week, where has that time gone?

My Word

Still working on the edits which I hope to have finished tonight to ping back to my editor for book five. Eek so much to do, so little time.

Have a great week peeps.

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Round up of the week 12 May 2019


Duchess of Sussex and son's feet
The Duchess of Sussex has celebrated her first US Mother’s Day as a parent by posting a picture of her son Archie’s feet.
The SussexRoyal Instagram account shared an image of Meghan, who is American, holding her son’s heel.
In the caption, the account paid tribute to “all mothers today, past, present, mothers-to-be, and those lost but forever remembered”.
While Mother’s Day is in March in the UK, it was marked in the US on Sunday.


Talks are to be held in a bid to avert a strike by London Underground workers over the weekend of the FA Cup Final in a dispute over safety.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union are set to walk out for three days on 17 May, the day before the showpiece game at Wembley Stadium between Manchester City and Watford.

Thousands of fans would be hit by any disruption to Tube services.

The union has accused London Underground of cutting train preparations, inspections and maintenance which it says threatens safety – however London Underground denies the claims.

Talks between the two sides will be held at the conciliation service Acas on Friday.

The union is planning to hold a protest at City Hall next week urging London mayor Sadiq Khan to intervene.

The RMT said around 1,000 of its members, working on maintenance and other areas, are involved in the row.

My World:

It’s been an exhausting week, I started it with a scam email threatening to expose my so called ‘naughty’ behaviour to all my friends on social media and on email if I don’t pay money. Needless to say they didn’t get a penny, but don’t worry I can’t see you being bombarded with horrific pics of me in the altogether.
Went to see Conan Grey on Wednesday night with my nephew Joseph and became inspired to write a whole new series, fantasy. I started there and then at the gig lol.
Friday night saw me down the pub with my colleagues from work celebrating Lara’s 30th birthday. It was nice to spend time with them out of work.
The decorating of the spare room is coming along bit by bit, ceiling painted, cracks filled, carpet up.
Reading Dreams of Beautiful Whisper by Tanya Jones.

My writing:
As mentioned above, a new series has been started and set aside so I can pick it up at a later date.
Still working on the edit for Trial & Retribution.

Sunday 8pm I’m going to be doing an author date over on Facebook for the 4th Indie Lit festival. Come and say hi to me.

Have a lovely week everyone.

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Round-up of the week 5th May 2019


The note Ashley found in the book
When Ashley Jost returned home from her routine Sunday shopping trip she was unaware her groceries contained an unexpected gift.
The 27-year-old, who lives in Columbia, Missouri, was passing the books section in a Target store, when she remembered she had signed up to a reading challenge with her friends.
“We are aiming to read 10 pages of a book a day,” Ashley told the BBC. “I saw this book in the aisle, which I had heard a lot about on social media, so I bought it.”
The book in question was Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals by Rachel Hollis. Later that day Ashley settled down to read it and got a surprise.
“My dog started barking so I got up from reading and threw the book down on the ottoman [couch] when suddenly a five dollar note fell out. I knew it wasn’t mine so I thumbed through the pages and saw a pink post-it stuck to one.”
The note read: “To the person who buys this book.
“I am having a tough day. I thought maybe I could brighten someone else’s with this little surprise. Go buy a coffee, a donut or a face mask.
“Practice some self-care today. Remember that you are loved, you are amazing, you are strong.
“Love Lisa.”

Ashley was strongly affected by the gesture. “I thought it takes someone really special to divert the energy and attention on a bad day to improving someone else’s. I know if I was having tough day I’d just want to sit in my pyjamas eating ice cream!”
She decided to take a photo and shared this act of kindness with her followers on Twitter. Her tweet was liked more than 3,000 times and soon caught the attention of local news.
On Facebook, it was shared by the popular page Love What Matters and received 22,000 likes, with many of the comments in reply to the post wishing good will to the anonymous Lisa.


Joseph Carey Merrick
The unmarked grave of Joseph Merrick – who is better known as the Elephant Man – has been traced after nearly 130 years, it has been claimed.
Merrick had a skeletal and soft tissue deformity which saw him as a freak show attraction, then a medical curiosity.
His skeleton has been preserved at the Royal London Hospital since his death.
But author Jo Vigor-Mungovin says she has now discovered Merrick’s soft tissue was buried in the City of London Cemetery after he died in 1890.

After a miserable adolescence and time as a travelling exhibit, Leicester-born Merrick ended up at what was then called the London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London, where he surprised staff by proving to have an intelligent and sensitive personality.
He became a minor celebrity and in May 1887 was visited by Alexandra, Princess of Wales, who afterwards sent him Christmas cards.
After his death, Merrick’s body was dissected and his skeleton preserved as an anatomical specimen.

My World

Yay! A Bank Holiday weekend, more time to get on with decorating the spare room, nearly finished stripping the wallpaper.
Had some lovely family time on Thursday and Saturday for my dad’s birthday.

My writing

Trial and Retribution is back from the editor and I’m working through it now. Need to crack on and also write book six, Return to the Streets. Looks like I have a busy few months ahead of me. Better get back to it!

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Round-up of the week 28th April 2019

World News:

Tales Soares photographed moments before he collapsed on the catwalk. He died later at hospital
A male model has died after collapsing on the catwalk at São Paulo FashionWeek. Tales Soares, 26-year old was taken to hospital but couldn’t be revived.

Footage circulating on social media shows Soares walking to the end of the catwalk and turning back before staggering and falling.

London News:

London Marathon
London’s 39th Marathon.

Eliud Kipchoge won the men’s race with a new course record and second fastest time ever, while Sir Mo Farah finished fifth.
Kenya’s Brigid Kosgei won the women’s race with compatriot Vivian Cheruiyot coming in second – a role reversal from last year when she beat Kosgei to the crown.

American Dan Romanchuk won the male wheelchair race, while Manuela Schar crossed the finishing line first in the female wheelchair race.
Eight-time winner David Weir competed in the wheelchair race for the 20th consecutive year.

My world:

I don’t do anything by halves, I have so many things I need to complete for my writing and yet I decided to start decorating the spare room yesterday. So have spent many hours stripping wallpaper. I’ve now taken a break to write and will squeeze my decorating in after work and at weekends. Watch this space.

My Writing:

I haven’t done any writing this week but have been working on a past book, tightening it up.

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Round-up of the week – 7 April 2019

World news:

A ferryboat has crashed into a bridge in Pará, in Brazil’s northern state, plunging a 200m section into the Moju River.
After the ship crashed into one of the pillars, witnesses said they saw two cars fall into the water.
Scuba divers are searching the river, and it is unclear how many people have been hurt yet.

London news:

A charity in charge of mental health home is being investigated after a 19 year-old girl took her life in Lancaster lodge in Richmond in May 2016. The teenager hanged herself, one year after being admitted to the home.

The Charity Commission has now opened an inquiry into the management of the home. An inquest into the girl’s death in February found the facility’s leadership “grossly inadequate”.

Pão de Queijo

My news:
Completed two months at my new job and guess I have to stop thinking of it as my new job now. Still loving it although the workload is intense. The director at my work introduced me to Pão de Queijo, Brazilian cheese bread which is made, without wheat. I’ve included Pão de Queijo in my Children from the Streets series but never tasted it until Wednesday. It was so nice, that I decided to make it myself on Saturday (see photo.)

My writing:
Still working frantically on the edits of Trial & Retribution, book five in The Children of the Streets series.

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New Release: Sophie: Witch-Hunter by K. S. Marsden

Sophie: Witch-Hunter

K.S. Marsden


Everyone will betray you…

Sophie has always had a high opinion of herself. She is smart, beautiful, and meant for something more than a mundane, human life.

From a young age she’s had to weigh duty against selfish desires. Her new friend Izzy starts to break down her carefully-constructed walls, and makes Sophie question everything she thought she knew.

With witch-hunters and witches vying for a place in her future, Sophie has to decide who she can trust.

This is a prequel to the Witch-Hunter trilogy, and contains spoilers from the very beginning.

We highly recommend you read The Shadow Rises, before finding out more about everybody’s favourite cold-hearted bitch.

Book Links:


As stated, this is not intended to be a stand-alone, and relies on knowledge of  the Witch-Hunter world.

If you have not yet read The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1), you can pick it up for FREE.

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter #1)

When a new witch threat rises, only Hunter Astley can stop them… 

In the face of dark magic and evil witches, a secret witch-hunting society works tirelessly to keep them at bay. The Malleus Maleficarum Council have strict rules and practises for eradicating magic.

Due to their work, witches have been almost forgotten, relegated to myth; but rumours are starting to emerge of a new power that will throw the world into chaos.

As the only 7th generation witch-hunter, Hunter Astley is the best the MMC has to offer. With the help of his colleagues, it’s a race to track down this new threat and stop them… in any way he can.

Part one of the Witch-Hunter trilogy.

Free download from most ebook retailers.

Book links:


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:



Google Play:


Also available in Audiobook:

Audible US:

Audible UK:

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My review of Feral Moon by Sherri A Wingler

I was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.
Honestly, this series is mind-blowing. This author never ceases to amaze me with her skillful storytelling.
This is book two in The Dark Woods Series and it leads seamlessly from book one.
Greyson Wolf is drowning his sorrows, he can’t face life without Harlow (Red), she’s his mate, his and the Wolfs. The wolf doesn’t stay quiet though, he wants her back, and now.
When Harlow’s mum comes to beg Grey to rescue her daughter from her ruthless father, he can’t resist the pull but when he finds Red, her memory has been wiped…she can’t remember him or the wolf.
Any more than this I can’t say without giving away what is an exceptional plot with the usual skilled storytelling that has made this author one of my favourites.
The characters are so well-developed that you find yourself caring about what happens to them.
Twists, turns, perfect pacing, seeing the author get inside the head of the evil one….hmmm why wouldn’t you read it?
I can’t wait for the next book in this series and wonder where Ms. Wingler will take the story and characters next.
I will be buying a print copy of each of the books in this series and I only do that for my favourite books nowadays.

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Round-up of the week 10 March 2019


An Ethiopian Airlines jet with 149 passengers and eight crew members onboard a flight from the Ethiopian capital and bound fro Nairobi in Kenya, has crashed shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa, killing all on board.

It is reported that 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, eight Americans and seven Brits were among the passengers. The crash happened six minutes after the Boeing 737 Max-8 took off.

An eyewitness at the scene reported an intense fire as the aircraft hit the ground. “The blast and the fire were so strong that we couldn’t get near it,” he said. “Everything is burnt down.”

The cause of the crash is not yet clear, however, the pilot had advised of difficulties and requested a return.

My thoughts:

What a terrible tragedy, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.
We never know when our time is up and should make the most of what we have in the here and now.

A woman jailed for four-and-a-half years for fraud after posing as a Grenfell Tower fire survivor lost a challenge against her conviction.
The 48 year old watched via a video link from prison as three Court of Appeal judges in London threw her case out.
The woman claimed to have escaped from the horrific fire in west London in 2017, where her husband and sister-in-law had died. But she was in fact, single and living miles away in Sutton, south London.
Msokeri claimed about £19,000 in cash donations, goods and hotel costs.

My thoughts:

I still remember the cold that seeped into my body as I watched the horror of Grenfell Tower unfold, the horrendous loss of life, a community scarred for life and to think that an unscrupulous individual would try to take advantage of this tragedy for personal gains is beyond comprehension. Personally, I think her sentence was too light. If she can be so heartless as to wish to benefit from the loss of others what else is she capable of?

My World:

I can’t believe that I’ve now been in my new job for a month, each day is different, interesting and with scope for many challenges. I’m loving it!
This weekend has been another one where I’ve had quality family time, a meal at the local Nepalese restaurant with my sister, nineteen-year-old niece and long-term friend on Saturday night.
Sunday we took Mum and Dad out for a meal to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary.

My Writing:
This weekend I’ve seriously hit the writing as I’ve realised that I have so much to write and so little time as it’s booked in with the editor for April 15th and I’m still on the first draft. The plot thickens as the story takes another twist that I hadn’t expected. I’m really loving getting into the head of this narcissistic character.