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My Review of Regina: The Monster Inside (Regina Series Book 1) by D.M Singh




This is another book I have had gathering dust on my kindle for a while and the time seemed right to pick it up and read it.
Regina is a teenager who hasn’t exactly had a normal life as her parents move her from place to place and, as a result, she doesn’t bond with anyone, in fact, she’s never had a friend until she meets Imogen.
Imogen and her family introduce Regina to the secrets that her own family were trying to protect her from.
This author takes you on a journey with Regina as she finds out things that no teenager should find out about herself and discovers talents and skills that she would never have suspected. Along with these skills, she discovers dangers that would daunt even the most fearless adult. Who can she trust? Everyone is not as they seem.
This book contains a gentle love story, adventure, excitement, friendships and tragedy inside a well-told story. It does end on a cliffhanger so please can you hurry up writing as I can’t wait to read book two.

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