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My review of Origins of Never by C. J Rutherford



A fantastic 5* prequel to Tales of the Neverwar.
Two young men grow up together, Olume with the promise to be the ruler of the beautiful land, Teralia, they live in and Tenybris, his best friend. This land is a place where evil doesn’t exist; everyone has what they need to live, and they do so in harmony.
But life changes and when Olume marries Lynnaria, the woman that Tenybris also loves then life as they know it changes. Tenybris makes a few bad choices which opens him up to a different path that he can’t seem to escape.
I love the way the author has weaved the threads of this story. The story although fantasy does have a strong element of reality in it.
Warning this book contains dragons.
Can’t wait to open up the next book and as it is already on my Kindle, I won’t have to wait.

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