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My Review of Beyond the Butterflies – Tracy Pride


Tracy Pride

I’m not a huge fan of poetry, I rarely read it and can’t write it to save my life but having said that my niece who writes exceptional poetry has piqued my interest enough that when I saw this book I wanted to dip in and see what it’s about.

I will probably never be an ardent fan of poetry, but I did enjoy many of the poems within these pages and felt as though I got a glimpse into the author’s soul more than I would from prose.

My favourites:

My First Time Windsurfing – although a totally different sport it made me think of when I jet ski and the freedom I feel.

The Poet – really felt as though I got a glimpse of the author/poet herself in this one.

Sitting on a Hilltop – a great reminder to us all and particularly apt for all authors.

Halfway there – Inspiration

The Necklace – Lovely analogy of life

Sea and Simplicity – A reminder of life

Power of Words – Poignant

“Harsh words are often used to fight,

Cruel words hurt when used in spite.

Sad words draw blood that is crystal clear,

Bright words fill a heart will cheer.

(If you want to read more of this poem I recommend you purchase this sweet little book of poetry)

I am – Beautiful

“I am the crystal that reflects the light.

I am the star that can shine very bright.

I am the rain, when the clouds shed tears.

I am the courage that ends the fears.

(Again you will need to purchase to read on.)

This poet/author’s poems are simple and sweet and carry little reminders about what is important in life. I would certainly pick up more by her.


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