Covid-19 – Day 39 Isolation

Good evening all,

It’s my dad’s birthday today, 83 years old and I could give him a kiss or a hug – I did, however, drop off a present on his doorstep and picked the next batch of his and Mum’s washing. As hard as it is the main priority has to be my parent’s safety and for the time being, that means not getting close and being tactile. My sister picked up the clean washing this afternoon on her way to see my Dad which will save me a journey next Tuesday. It was lovely seeing her even if we did have to keep our distance.

When I got home, I tackled the garden shed again and now only have half of it left standing. I think I may have a bee’s nest under the base, Queenie was giving me the evils.

A healthy amount of editing and my day is done.

On the subject of healthy, this has been an epic fail for me in the last few weeks and I’ve decided to start over again on Monday. Wish me luck.

Keep safe.

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