Covid-19 – Day 40 Isolation

Good evening all,

I woke up to my bath a quarter full of water. I have huge problems with drainage and last night when the water wouldn’t drain away I used a bucket to pour it down the sink and during the night it came back up the bath. So spent a large part of the morning trying to unblock it. As a result I felt unmotivated and knew I needed to turn my frame of mind around. So I challenged myself. Earlier in the week I ordered a little cabinet from Wayfair for my lounge, having unpacked it and looking at the instructions I left it. Today I decided to tackle it and I’m pleased to say I nailed it. As you can see below it now has pride of place next to my sofa.

Spent some more time on my current WIP, but if I’m honest not a lot.

I was also chuffed to bits this evening to discover that someone has bought the whole of my Children from the Streets series. A fabulous end to what could have been a negative day.

Stay safe.

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