Covid-19 – Day 26 Isolation

Hello All,

26 days in and I’m finding there are not enough hours in the day to get everything I want done. I’m not getting up late, generally around 8am maybe as late as 9am some days but there is so much I want to do!

Spent the day washing clothes, mine and my parents’ whose washing machine broke down last week, handy that! It was a lovely day to get them dry, stripped the bed and put on fresh, clean sheets – love that clean sheet feeling. Maybe I should go to bed now. More housework, sorting stuff etc… More cutting of the honeysuckle bush from next door, and pulling down my fence which is completely broken as a result of said bush. Didn’t get to sand any more of the table as I had the washing out and not sure Mum and Dad wanted their washing back with sawdust!

Finished the marketing exercises I needed to do for the course I’m on which felt very satisfying.

Had a lovely video chat with my parents, sister, brother, and cousin Kathleen in Australia who was filling us in on her findings on the family tree after doing a DNA test. Think we’d all like to do that now. Discovered that my Dad has a half Auntie who is still alive. How cool is that? Kathleen has emailed us her results so think I’ll take a look when I’ve finished this post. It was also lovely to have the opportunity to talk to Kathleen, other than Facebook comments and the odd message we haven’t really communicated since we were kids.

Spent a little bit of time editing, but my brain is ever so slightly fried now so I gave up. Will approach tomorrow morning with fresh eyes.

Hopefully we should get the news back on Mark’s Covid-19 test tomorrow, fingers crossed and for those who pray can you say one for us.

Stay safe.

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