Covid-19 – Day 25 Isolation

Good evening all,

I’m exhausted! It’s tiring doing nothing. Actually I’ve had another productive day. Pulled everything out from under the stairs and sorted it out and gave it all a good scrubbing and spent about an hour sanding down my table. Still a long way to go, I was covered in sawdust to boot! Will have to post before and after pictures when it’s done.

I’ve also spent part of the afternoon and evening on my marketing ads. I’m picking up Kindle Unlimited page reads which is good but yet to see any book sales. Patience is the watchword here though.

Worked my money out for the month after getting my pay slip, looking rather grim and will be tight but beggars can’t be choosers.

Still waiting on the results for Mark’s Covid-19 test, which we’ve been told should be Monday now.

Heading off now to chill for a while.

Stay safe.

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