Covid-19 – Day 5 Isolation

This is starting to feel like the big brother house but without all the people as I do my daily update. I didn’t leave the house today, with the exception of walking about twenty steps to put my rubbish/recycling in the bins.

Another day of sorting out the stuff in my house, which has built up through the years, it’s feeling very cathartic and I listened to a Bon Jovi CD, off-hand I can’t remember which one. I plan to listen to all the CDs in my collection and throw out any that no longer interest me.

My photo sorting is going apace, and I’m taking some trips down memory lane as I organise them into categories. Found a lovely one of my son Mark and his carer Liam who I mentioned a couple of days ago, who sadly took him life a year ago.

I’m now up to page 116/157 of my edit on A Boy from the Streets as I attempt to tighten it up.

My TalkTalk TV box has now got more storage available as I’m catching up on programmes which have sat there for an age.

I’m still sane, my days may not be the height of excitement but I’m content.

Stay safe.

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