Covid-19 – Day 6 Isolation

It’s been a day like no other, no sorry let me edit that, it’s been a day like all the others. But hey, I’m not complaining, chilled at home and working on my books is a good dilemma to have. Another day of staying in, popped out into the garden for five minutes between downpours to check something and pulled a few weeds in passing. Realised the roof of the shed, which my dad and I put together for my son a number of years ago, has gaping holes and the whole thing needs to be taken apart. Well then, that’s another job I should get done if I’m off for the next couple of weeks.

Finished the re-edit of A Boy from the Streets and plan to start the formatting soon so I can crack on with actual writing, book two in The English Love Series is calling my name – but then so are about 50 other books. I don’t have enough time off, do you think my company would be happy to pay me indefinitely at 80% to stay at home and write, or until such time as I can make a living from it? No, I don’t either.

Started back on the healthy eating/lifestyle plan of Team RH again today, didn’t quite hit my protein and fibre targets but I’m getting back into the swing and not eating tons of shite, so that’s a plus. Weighed myself, so I know the worst case scenario and no I will not be sharing that with you! Spent forty minutes on the treadmill today and by the time I go to bed I will have hit my ten thousand step target.

I haven’t attacked my photo sorting yet for the day, but hey, there’s time yet.

Anyway, that’s me for the day. Catch up again tomorrow. Until then, stay safe.

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