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West Midlands Attending Author: Pavan Kaur


  1. Can we start with your name and where you’re from?
    Hello everyone, my name is Pavan Kaur and I’m from Birmingham UK

  2. Most authors love reading, is this true for you and if so who was/is your inspiration?
    I love reading so much. I always read before I go to bed. You always need some time away from writing. My inspiration, God there are so many amazing authors out there that I love to read, I follow on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. What genre do you write in or do you cross over into many?
    Romance is my main focus in writing. I’m writing my first BDSM stand alone at the moments, which I’m very excited about.
  4. If you could take any character from someone else’s book and make him/her your own creation who would it be and why?
    Colton from the Driven Series fell in love with him.

  5. When did you first start writing?
    Six years ago, Moving On kept playing in my head, so I finally started writing it, then my family really liked it and told me to publish it, and here I am.

  6. Do you plan every inch of your books or do you just let the words flow?
    I let the words flow, I have so many notebooks around my house, and in my bag so when something comes to me, I can write it down.

  7. Who is your favourite character and why? (your own character)
    Rhett Johnson, for a big guys he is super sweet.

  8. Was there an event in your life that triggered a particular book, or even a scene in a book? If so what was the book and what was the event?

  9. Are you working on anything at the moment? If so can you share any tasty morsels?
    Mr Dark my BDSM standalone book, and book 3 in my series.

  10. What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out?
    Keeping writing, and enjoy what you are doing if you don’t enjoy it then there is no point.

  11. What do you do when you’re not writing?
    Read or bake with my two boys. I like to spend a lot of time with my boys so baking, board games anything to see you smile.

  12. What is the hardest part of the whole writing, editing, marketing process for you?
    Marketing, I find hard. Never know if I am doing it right or not, but I’m enjoying the learning everyday.

  13. We all have those friends or family members who make sweeping statements about our writing or the process, which is your particular bug bear?
    I have only told my mum, dad, brother, sister and husband no other family no about my writing and the reason is because I don’t want to listen to the making sweeping statements at me, because then it will take the fun out of writing for me. I will double think everything, I love write and I don’t want them to ruin it for me.

  14. What is your idea of happiness?
    Family. As long as I have my family around me I’m always happy.
  15. For this one I want you to showcase your creativity by painting me a picture, with words, of your ideal setting to write in.
  16. What makes you laugh/cry?
  17. You’re stranded on a desert island and you can take three men/women who would they be and why? This can be practical or purely sexual in nature.

    Jennifer Aniston, because I just love her
    David Beckham because I need something sexy to look at
    The impractical Jokers because we all need to laugh  

  18. What is your most annoying habit?
    Im OCD, which can get annoying sometimes lol

  19. Please tell me about your books? For each one please send a pic (kindle cover would be perfect)

Moving On – 

Everyone has a past. For most people their past is their worst nightmare, haunting them day by day. Such a person with a past is Kim Turner. But everything changes when Nicolas Webb comes into her life.

Nick on the other hand, is your typical hot shot. With money comes powers and with powers come happiness, or so he thought until he met Kim.

Haunted by her past and stalked in his present, are they destined to be together? Will Kim be able to let go of her past and trust Nick or will Nick just cause another heartbreak?

Moving Forward – 

“I knew then, that I will never be safe!” 

Moving on, Kim Turner finally let go of her past. She trusts Nicolas Webb with more than her life. Just when she thought she could move on from her haunted past, James Foster comes back into her life; together with the painful memories and disturbing nightmares. But this time, it’s all real. 

The untold story of Kim and Nick continues as more secrets and lies begin to unravel. Following as the sequel to “Moving On” with James Foster out of Prison, will Kim and Nick be able to move forward? Or will this time be the last time they fight for each other?

Moving Together – 

The Final instalment of the Moving Series 

James’ persistence is taking its toll on Kim. With what he’s done goes above and beyond trying to get her back; it’s hurting her in the worst way imaginable. Using her love for Nick against her has Kim deciding if she can continue to fight James, or give in. 

One thing’s for sure… She won’t go back to the hell he made for her.


I knew I should have stayed away from Rhett Johnson. Captivating, beautiful, talented not to mention a UFC prize fighter, and a man who knows what he wants and he wants ME.

Who am I? Scarlett Parker. A maid in a luxury Vegas hotel. I’m damaged, broken and running away from the darkness around me. I don’t believe in happily ever after.

The attraction between us is like a drug, one we both dangerously need. Wounds break open as my past returns. Is this my happily ever after or is this a disaster waiting to happen?


He told me that I could trust him.

He told me he loved me.

I put myself in a place where I thought I would be safe again. Never did I think I would hurt more than I did before. But I do.

I let the wall fall around my heart, only for it to get burned.

I cried, but now I’m back and I won’t let the demons get me again.

I won’t make the same mistake twice…

But there he stands in front of me. 

The man who hurt me.

Rhett Johnson

  1. Lightning round
    Tea or Coffee? Teas
    Cash or credit? Cash
    Cats or Dogs? Dogs
    Beach or Mountain? Beach
    Summer or Winter? Summer
    Sweet or Savoury? B
    Early riser or late riser? Early riser
    Morning or Night? Night
    Christmas Tree – real or fake? Real
    Sex – Lights on or off? On

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