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My Review: The Religion of the Heart by D.M Miller



This book is a story of love that spans over a decade for a boy and a girl who are instantly attracted to each other despite the hurdles they face such as religion, culture and miles of separation they hold true to the dream.

When Abdul tries to talk to Catherine in English when he realises that she doesn’t speak Arabic he can’t remember a word that he has learned. I loved that little touch, I could picture the poor boy’s discomfort.

A beautiful phrase in the book that I loved: Time forgot to hurry, creeping by at the pace of a blustery Alaskan winter.

I would have likes to have seen a little bit more of this kind of description.

Abdul is a young man who is weighed down and browbeaten by his family to bend to their will – I kind of thought that Catherine did the same to him. It felt as though the majority of compromises were made by him. Both characters were highly emotional and if I’m honest maybe too much for my personal taste, but that’s just me. It was a lovely tale and it was easy to read.

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