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My Review of: Ties that Bind by E.R Chissick


I could barely put this book down. The author has spun a story of love, betrayal, joy and pain with consummate skill. The characters are 100% believable and relatable. I caught my breath on a number of occasions as I found myself rooting for them. The story flows well and the pace is natural all the way through. I loved the different layers in this book and how the author had me on my toes the whole time never sure where it would go and what would happen. My only issue (minor) would be the overuse of certain objects such as the Cherry Coke Lip Balm and to a lesser degree the Classic Corvette. I do also think while the sex scenes were incredibly well written it could have benefitted from cutting out a couple of the scenes. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this author.

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