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My review of Feral Moon by Sherri A Wingler

I was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.
Honestly, this series is mind-blowing. This author never ceases to amaze me with her skillful storytelling.
This is book two in The Dark Woods Series and it leads seamlessly from book one.
Greyson Wolf is drowning his sorrows, he can’t face life without Harlow (Red), she’s his mate, his and the Wolfs. The wolf doesn’t stay quiet though, he wants her back, and now.
When Harlow’s mum comes to beg Grey to rescue her daughter from her ruthless father, he can’t resist the pull but when he finds Red, her memory has been wiped…she can’t remember him or the wolf.
Any more than this I can’t say without giving away what is an exceptional plot with the usual skilled storytelling that has made this author one of my favourites.
The characters are so well-developed that you find yourself caring about what happens to them.
Twists, turns, perfect pacing, seeing the author get inside the head of the evil one….hmmm why wouldn’t you read it?
I can’t wait for the next book in this series and wonder where Ms. Wingler will take the story and characters next.
I will be buying a print copy of each of the books in this series and I only do that for my favourite books nowadays.

1 thought on “My review of Feral Moon by Sherri A Wingler”

  1. Absolutely LOVE this book series. In fact I am a great fan of the work of this author in general, so many great descriptions throughout every story. Grey really is missing ‘Red’ here are a couple of comments that stand out for me:-

    ‘Goddamn, but I missed that girl like I’d miss my next breath. I missed her voice that honey sweet accent that got thick as molasses when she was passionate about something.’

    ‘I dropped Red’s stolen pillow on the motel bed and laid back with my fingers laced behind my head. The faint scent of peaches and rain washed over me, calming me like nothing else could.’

    Very Highly Recommended Check out the New Release Party 23rd March 2019 on Facebook


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