Covid-19 – Days 94, 95 & 96 Isolation

Good evening all,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been exhausted so haven’t had the energy in the evenings to do them. I will summarise the last few days.

Day 94: Went to stay with my relative again who needs support. I did get out for a walk into Ealing Broadway to pick up a few bits, I got out of there as quickly as I could. Too many people, eek! My page reads on KDP are close to my all-time best.

Day 95: Went home today and spent some time doing my last read-through of A Boy from the Streets now that all the formatting and tweaks have been done. So in a few days, I’ll be ready to upload and change the print copy to the larger size. My KDP reads have smashed my previous record as I’ve gone above 7000-page reads, I’ve set a target of 8000 now.

Day 96: Walked to Aldi in Hounslow to get a few bits in. Spent the better part of the day reading Boy again. I also put my exercise bike together (when I say put it together, I put the seat on and the back) and had a little ride. Only need about 270 pages left to hit 8000.

And that is about it.

Stay safe.

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