Covid-19 – Day 90 Isolation

Good evening all,

90 days! Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? Am I tired of being at home? No! Hell no!

Started my day by getting my steps in by walking to Lidl in Feltham to do my shopping. Approximately 45 minutes each way. Yes I did get pissed off with someone else. A man leant over me, almost touching as he reached for what I was looking at. I growled “Haven’t you heard of social distancing?” Followed by stalking off. In the next aisle, I heard someone coughing, i turned around and said man was there with his girlfriend and they were looking at me laughing. They thought it was funny. Needless to say, I made my feelings about them VERY clear. They stayed quiet after that! Why do people think Covid-19 is funny or shouldn’t be taken seriously?

Worked for a while on my formatting but had a Teams meeting with regards to my son’s placement at the care home. Hounslow council are putting his future and his life at risk all for the sake of money. Talk about trying to rewrite history. A senior manager threw out that they need to send two workers to Lincoln to visit him because the care home might accuse their staff of bullying. Well, of course, I had to interject and correct her shockingly bad memory. The truth is she likes to score points against the home and this wasn’t one I could let her get away with. So I reminded her that I had been there and made a formal complaint when the social worker turned up an hour late to a review meeting and walked in with attitude and an aggressive tone. My son had to be removed as she distressed him, she then distressed another service user at the home with special needs because of her angry demeanour. The home had to escort her off the premises. So this manager thought she would rewrite history. Not on my watch! This is going to be one hell of a fight I think. The meeting went on for an hour and twenty five minutes and I then spent forty five minutes on the phone to my solicitor who sat in on the meeting.

Another battle! Tired of them now.

Stay safe.

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