Covid-19 – Day 91 Isolation

Good evening all,

Had my work Zoom meeting and it’s not looking like I’ll be back to work next week, but maybe the following week. Better start buying lottery tickets and hope I win. LOL

Spoke to my lovely cover designer Tammy Clarke on the phone for the first time, ever. Two hours later we’d put the world to rights and planned the changes to my children from the streets series. Within a couple of hours she’d sent me the new covers.

See the changes below, love them, I’ve also included the old ones for reference.

The old covers
The new covers

Worked on the formatting this afternoon, couldn’t sit out in the glorious sunshine though as my new sun umbrella from Wayfair broke. In fairness to them, it was a simple process to get a replacement but just need to wait for it now.

Went out for a walk to Hounslow Heath this evening and have reached my 15,000 steps.

Stay safe.

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