Covid-19 – Days 87, 88 & 89 Isolation

Good evening all,

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days, had problems with internet connection, again!

Day 87:

In the morning I went for a nice walk to the park with my mum. It’s the first time she’s been out properly since lockdown.

Went back to stay with my family member, who is making remarkable progress but still a long road to travel.

Was up until 1am working on the formatting and spent some time this afternoon on it, but due to a corrupted portable hard-drive everything crashed and I lost 8 hours of work. I was very lucky though, this hard drive has all my books on and although I couldn’t make any changes I was able to copy and paste the file I was working on to my desktop.

Day 88:

Exhausted. Up six times in the night and running on empty. Ended up in A&E with my relative, but able to go home after a few hours. A slight setback. DIdn’t get much done at all today.

Day 89: Another bad night’s sleep, but mainly because I couldn’t switch off. Went to pick up a prescription from the hospital and a few bits from Tesco.

Home now, walked to Hounslow Aldi in an attempt to stay awake.

Up to Chapter 4 on the formatting, as I had to start again. Hey ho never mind.

Stay safe.

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