Covid-19 – Days 70 & 71 Isolation

Good evening all,

Sorry I couldn’t post last night, I had internet connection problems which wouldn’t allow me to get onto this site. You’ll be pleased to know there won’t be a rant today. So I’ll do a quick day 70 and day 71.

Day 70:

Stayed in, apart from my walk to Hounslow Heath which I went on first thing in the morning. The rest of the day was spent working on A Boy from the Streets.

Day 71:

Went for my hour’s walk, not quite so sunny today but it was still nice to be in the park and woods this morning. Had our weekly work Zoom catch-up. There are fewer people on there now that a large proportion are back to work.

Set up another Facebook advert today after the other one came to an end, the results weren’t too bad either. Hope this one does well.

More edits on boy. Not much more to report, but I am exhausted!

Stay safe.

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