Covid-19 – Day 72 Isolation

Good evening,

Another day of exhaustion! Not sure where it’s come from but I am hanging.

Went to Tesco’s to do shopping for Mum and Dad and my friend Emma’s Dad. The supermarket was heaving, I swear they’re not counting people in now and the clusters of ten or more people in an aisle is crazy. Also almost no-one is observing the one way system. When challenged, one woman said “Well, no-one is sticking to it.” If everyone jumps off a cliff springs to mind. Maybe that’s what they should all do to save the rest of us.

Went out for my walk after lunch. Still managing to maintain my 15,000 steps although not easy feeling this shattered. I’ve lost 4.5lbs in a week and a half. Must keep going this time though! No falling off the bandwagon – nor cliffs if it comes to it.

A bit more work done on A Boy from the Streets, approximately 100 pages left to work on.

Stay safe

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