Covid-19 – Day 69 Isolation

Good evening all,

Tonight’s post is going to be a rant! So be prepared and don’t read if you don’t like harsh language.

WTF is going on with this world. COVID19 yep we’re all over that, we’ve been locked down but because we need to get the economy going again we’re being thrown to the wolves.

Now, I haven’t said anything on here about what is happening in the USA, I’ve commented on FB posts and been vocal to everyone I’ve spoken to about the brutal and senseless murder of George Floyd. I watched the video with tears streaming down my face. I was angry, infuriated in fact. There are four men responsible for his death and they should all be made to pay the price — they should be locked up for life.

I cannot for the life of me understand racism. Why? How can the colour of a person’s skin determine the way they are treated in society? If you cut a person of colour their blood is as red as our privileged white skin. All their internal organs are the same as mine. No one abuses someone because they have black/brown hair so why are people fixated on the differences in skin tone. The whole thing is beyond my comprehension. But George Floyd is not the only black man to be slaughtered because of his colour. I watched a video where a black man said he was scared to walk the streets alone, he was fine when he had his cute dog and daughters cos then he was your average Dad taking his kids out, but alone he was deemed a threat. This is NOT acceptable! We’re in 2020 we have enough to face with COVID-19, people grow up and take a hard look at yourself. If you think that a person is less important people of the colour of their skin, it says fuck loads about you, and none of its good!

My rule of thumb, if you’re a dick and act like a dick — I don’t like you, in fact, I may make it obvious as my face has a life force of its own. But this dislike is NOT based on the colour of your skin, hair, religion, sexuality, or anything else other than your behaviour. I’m not saying you should all be like me, God forbid but if you could treat people fairly and respect their differences we would be in a much better place.

Next rant:

UK are you for real? Making it illegal to have sex with someone who is outside your household. Bear with me, I know we’re not supposed to socialise in close contact inside with people, but…

If you can’t work from home you must go back to work. No matter how much a company sets out social distancing rules this will be breached and probably daily.

Supermarkets, opening up check out next to each other – so they have 2 metres spacing for the queue to the till, but open two up together so you’re often closer than 1 meter away from people. In Lidl in Feltham, the checkouts are soooooo close that the stuff members brush passed each other to get into their seat, holding on to the back of their colleagues seat to get by as its that close.

Walk or ride to work if possible, if not take the car – oh, oops we’ll raise the congestion charge which will force people back on public transport.

Public transport, you’re only as far away as the dickhead who breaches your space.

We’ll open up markets, cos people know how to socially distance themselves – do they fuck?

Lets allow sports to start up again, please tell me how they will do a socially distanced rugby scrum?

Parks, groups of fifteen people playing cricket, ten kids and two adults doing what looked like football training over the weekend at Hounslow Heath.

Beaches, people crammed onto them with no regard for social distancing.

Parties, there are reports of them still happening.

But let’s charge two people who are in love but don’t happen to live with each other with breaking the law.
Well done, you’ve excelled yourself on the barometer of fucked up behaviour.

Rant over.

Food shopping for me today in Lidl, only one person other than myself had any concept we were socially distancing.

Spent most of the day polishing the re working of A Boy from the Streets, which has incidentally started to get me some nice sales in the UK. I went to bed at just over 20,000 in the rankings and this evening I’ve come down further to 11,045.

Went for a walk to Hounslow Heath, got my 15,000 steps in. My health kick is going well, long may it last.

And I think that’s it…

Stay safe.

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