Covid-19 – Day 58 Isolation

Good evening all,

Went food shopping for my parents and my friend’s dad again, and had a message from her this evening to say that seeing me is the highlight of his week. How lovely. It makes it all worthwhile. Although I still want to scream and shout at the people who don’t understand (all together now!) SOCIAL DISTANCING. It’s only getting worse. Stay alert seems to mean walk around with your head in the clouds.

Came home and sat in the garden, initially writing some of the lead magnet I’m working on but abandoned that when the laptop started overheating, I did go back in the evening when the heat of the sun lessened. Nearly 2000 words written so far. I sunbathed for the rest of the afternoon reading Wanted, I’m about half way through and loving it.

Had a catch up with some of the neighbours when we were outside doing the clap for the key-workers. I suggested we have a street party when we’ve kicked COVID-19 into touch.

Stay safe.

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