Covid-19 – Day 57 Isolation

Good evening all,

What a scorcher of a day! I couldn’t sit outside with my laptop, despite attempting to shade it, it was overheating so only a tiny bit of editing was achieved. So I decided to lie out on my lounger and reader Wanted by R E Hargrave, an ARC copy I received.

That was this afternoon. This morning had the weekly Zoom chat with work colleagues. I finished reading Hunter’s Moon by Sherri A Wingler. LOVED IT!

Walked down to Iceland’s to get some ice-cream, in desperate need. Wanted to throttle all the idiots who have no concept of social distancing – you remember my beef.

This evening I decided I will look at getting my newsletter back up and running at some time in the near future but will start with a reader’s magnet. I started a back story on Carolina, from A Boy from the Streets. So watch this space!

Got the work quiz in a couple of minutes.

Stay safe.

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