Covid-19 – Day 59 Isolation

Good evening all,

Happy 21st birthday to my lovely niece Sophie Hirst, know today wouldn’t be how you chose to celebrate your big day but hope it was a good one anyway. So proud of you and your determination despite the setbacks.
So today I was going to walk into Hounslow and pay in some cheques, my niece told me I can pay them in on my phone. Why did I not know this before? Done without having to leave the house.

I did have to pop out to M&S, the closest shop to me, which is in a petrol station on the Henley Roundabout. I have to say their 2m distancing markers are more like 1m! Nearly got skittled by a van driver who chose not to stop at the zebra crossing. Not sure he was even looking! Glad I had my wits about me.

Felt a little bit like my mojo wasn’t fully with me today, saying that I did look into getting my newsletter up and running again sometime soon, and wrote some more of the lead magnet.

I’ve also read more of Wanted and loving it.

That’s me!

Stay safe.

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