Covid-19 – Day 44 Isolation

Hello All,

Thursday is shopping day for my parents and my friend’s Dad, queued to get into Tesco’s again, not for long though. I won’t bore you with the usual gripes from my trip – needless to say people still don’t get it! Enough said.

This morning after getting back I did one rep of my weights work out. Next week I’ll increase to two reps. I should reach my 10,000 step target today.

Spoke to my Director from work today and she outlined how I will return back to work, once the government have given the go ahead. I will be working three weeks a month in the hub office and one a month from home. What a lovely saving on commuting time. Should get writing/marketing time.

This afternoon I spent out in the glorious sunshine and finished the first edit of Illicit Love. I also started the second edit. When I’ve completed that I will send a copy to my Kindle and read in a different format before sending to my Beta reader Su S’ari who is also a good friend.

Other than a bit of pottering around in the house and cutting up some more wood that has been my day. Will head out at 8pm for the Clap for the NHS/Keyworkers.

Stay safe.

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