Covid-19 – Day 31 Isolation

Good evening all,

Another day at home, finally finished chopping back the honeysuckle from the neighbours garden which had grown so much into my garden that it had crushed my poor fence and I was also able to chop up some more of the wood. There is still a long way to go to get the garden how I want it but feel that I have made good inroads.

I spent a lot of the day re-watching the 5 day to Profit on Amazon Ads by Bryan Cohen, still more to watch again but it is good to go through it again with more understanding.

I would like to wish the following people a happy birthday:

Emma Yates (A very good friend)

Siophan Buckley (My lovely neighbour)

Sherri A Wingler (One of my favourite authors)

David Driver (A lovely man and fantastic DJ)

Julie Corean (An old school friend)

Felt lazy today and ordered my first takeaway since lockdown. Chicken Korma, Rice and Poppadums, mm yummy.

Heading off now to listen to some more of Bryan’s course. So much to do and so little time.

Stay safe.

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