Covid-19 – Day 30 Isolation

Hello all

I’ve just realised that I haven’t posted tonight, so as it’s late I’ll keep it brief.

Food shopping this morning for my parents and my friends Dad, usual frustrations as joe public has no idea about social distancing!

Editing, fixing the wire fence in the back garden now that I’ve hacked most of the honeysuckle hedge back. I did find a bougainvillea plant in Tesco, my favourite flower and after buying it i planted it in the garden.

This evening after the clap for the key-workers, I had a Zoom quiz with my colleagues from work. I won’t tell you how appallingly bad I was but my brain goes blank at the music quiz despite knowing the songs, the song title and band/singer often fail to come to the front of my mind. It was great catching up with people and seeing they’re all okay.

Anyway time for bed. Stay safe.

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