Covid-19 – Day 32 Isolation

Good evening all,

Felt a bit listless first thing this morning and couldn’t get into my flow, realised I’d forgotten something from shopping so took a walk down to Iceland’s which is the nearest to me, oh my God what a horror. Social distancing is impossible in the narrow aisles and the people who go in there has NO concept of social distancing AT ALL. I’ve committed murder in my books but if this carries on I may end up in a more permanent lockdown behind bars!

I did manage to get my mojo back a little bit later and continued to re watch the Bryan Cohen Amazon Ads for profit course.

Just as I was gearing myself up to do some work in the garden as the day started to cool I had a call from a colleague and we spend over an hour catching up and putting the world to rights. By the tome we finished talking I couldn’t face doing the garden.

Not the most productive day but that’s okay, because I am allowed downtime too!

Anyway, time to head off.

Stay safe.

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