Covid-19 – Day 15

Thought I would start with the quote today and an inspirational picture

Hello all,

Headed out early today to do my own food shopping in Lidl in Feltham. It was nice and quiet although I was disturbed to see the two tills which were open were both together. I spoke to someone who worked in the shop, starting with “I know you guys are doing an amazing job, however…” I told him that they should be both open together as there was no way that it was 2 meters separating the customers. He made a feeble excuse but then went on to say that on Saturday the customers insisted on having all six open rather than forming a large queue. This shocked me, this was not observing social distancing, and when do the customers get to make this decision? Don’t get me wrong I completely get that it can’t be easy, I’ve worked in customer service all my life and I know what people can be like (why do you think I love being in lockdown!) and I’m equally sure right now they are even more obnoxious. That doesn’t mean I don’t like people, more like I don’t like the ugly side that people show to people who serve them in whatever customer-facing role. Lidl I think you need to sort this out.

Came back and after putting my shopping away, had a zoom conference with my colleagues. It was great to see everyone and see what they’re all up to, although there were so many of us that it was hard to hear everyone.

The rest of the day was spent writing, marketing and pottering in the garden.

I’m heading off now, so stay safe and catch up with you tomorrow.

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