Covid-19 – Day 14 Isolation

Hello all,

Stayed in again all day today, with the exception of working on my book and marketing in the garden as the sun beat down on me. I could get seriously used to this. Might need to do the lottery and win in order I can keep up this lifestyle.

The threads are tying together on Illicit Love and it shouldn’t be long before the book is finished, or at least the first draft. Getting quite excited about it as it all comes together.

Minimal housework and work in the garden, slowly seeing results.

Spoke to one of my colleagues today who is still currently working, it was nice to catch up. Had a call from the director of the branch I work at also, and they’re planning a quiz on zoom or something similar one evening in the week so we can all stay connected which is cool.

Saddened as always as I see the daily death toll and still see people from my window not taking on board social distancing. Even my son who has a learning disability who popped into a shop today in Lincolnshire where he lives reassured me that he observed the 2 metres distancing. If he can get it, why can’t people who don’t have his challenges. What will it take?

Going to leave you with this apt quote:

“Sometimes it’s time to get away from it all and experience things in a completely different way.” Kim Mance.

Stay safe.

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