Covid-19 – Day 16

Hello All,

Each Thursday I go food shopping for my parents and I ride a motorbike so storage to bring the items back is limited, which resulted in two trips last week which you may have read last Thursday. I also offered to do the shopping for my friend’s Dad as she isn’t local to be able to help. This offer was accepted, which could have led to three trips there today, except my friend, Emma Yates, came up with a great idea. I do all the food shopping in one trip, I ring her Dad, who lives 2 minutes drive from my parents house, five from the supermarket and he doesn’t get out of the car but pops the boot, I place all the shopping in. After that he follows me to my parent’s house, pops the boot and I take out my mum and dad’s shopping and he drives off. We tried it today and it worked well. I just hope the items were right, always hard to pick for someone else even with their list.

Tesco’s have been doing an amazing job at organising access to the store and access inside the store to ensure they adhere to the social distancing rule, however, people are still clustering in aisles and reaching over each other to grab what they want. It makes me furious!

Today we stood outside and clapped for all the key-workers again and down my road it’s always the same people who come out and the same people who stay in.

My day ended with some quality writing time, I’m so close to the end of the first draft and I expect to finish it by the end of tomorrow. #excited.

I’m going to say goodnight and stay safe.

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