Covid-19 Day 11 Isolation

Hi all,

It’s the weekend! This is normally cause for celebration but in these strange times one day blends into another, week and weekend. I decided last weekend that I would spend more time at the weekends doing housework and only pottering around during the week to give my week some structure. So I did a whole bunch of housework this morning and gardening this afternoon. I put together my new garden table and starting sawing the old table and chairs into small pieces which will make them easier to dispose of.

I also did my weights this morning but not the treadmill as I have certainly done my fill of walking whilst doing the housework. The weight loss is going well and I’m down 4lbs since the beginning of this week.

I didn’t get any writing done today and I’m okay with that, feeling really chilled. I was also chuffed to bits to find an earring in the garden that I had thought lost for over a year.

There’s not much more to say, going to head off and watch the second part of The Red Tent, which I’ve seen before and loved.

Stay safe, catch up with you tomorrow.

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