Covid-19 – Day 12 Isolation

Hey all,

What a gorgeously sunny day, feeling very blessed and chilled. Jet-washed out the front of the house, might have splattered myself in mud, dress, face and legs. It looks a lot cleaner out the front though, also discovered the bricks are red, who knew!

This afternoon I spent a glorious few hours writing in the garden, sat on my new garden furniture – the old furniture which is rotten is being cut up by my electric saw, bit by bit and put into rubbish bags. I’ve now finished typing up the parts which have already been written and I’m concentrating on fresh words now and looking at how I can bring the story to a close.

I started sorting through some of my books in a cupboard to rearrange to utilise the space better and found a book that was given to me in 2014 by a client at the private swimming pool I used to work at. It was a story she wrote of how she adopted her children. I had put it aside, a million and one other books to read and all that, you know how it is. I picked it up today and curious read the first paragraph and then the next and now I have gone through a good few pages and put a bookmark in, this needs to be read. Clearly, this was jumping out to me for a reason. I’ll let you know how I get on, the book is called Mexican Takeaway and the author’s name is Francesca Polini.

Thought I might leave these daily posts with an inspirational quote:

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller.

Stay safe.

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