Covid-19 Day 10 Isolation

Hello again,

I can happily say I didn’t have to go anywhere today and don’t anticipate leaving the house again until the middle of next week and that is frankly a huge relief. The death rate is growing and it is becoming more frightening, I just hope people take notice and stay in over the warm weather that we are about to get. I know it’s easy for me to say having a garden to get out into but the threat is real and the only way we will beat this is to stay home and stay safe.

I went for a walk, on my treadmill today and started lifting weights again, I am genuine about getting back to the peak of witness levels. Just over another thousand words to type up and then I will be continuing on with Illicit Love to reach it’s climax.

Had a call from my director today, to touch base and see if I’m coping okay with the isolation and feeling well, the company will be setting up weekly group chats each week so no one feels isolated. It’s a nice idea and very much appreciated, although probably I’m doing way to well as I’m in my element.

Pottered around the house again doing bits and bobs and more weeding in the garden. I’m only doing this a bit at a time as my back and knees don’t like the positions I have to take! I’m also blasting through my photo sort out, can’t wait to finish that as it will feel like a real achievement.

A friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that she has been signing up for free open university courses and I’ve decided to do the same. Started with a very basic course and I’ll see how I get on.

I cooked one of my favourite meal, Kedgeree. I’m loving having the time to do this instead of getting home just before 7pm and feeling too exhausted to cook.

I think that’s it for the day. Stay safe and stay appreciative.

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