Covid-19 – Day 7 Isolation

Exhausted today. Woke up with a blinding headache, high blood pressure methinks, badgered by siblings to order a blood pressure machine from Amazon, done. The headache shifted after sleeping in later but I couldn’t shift the exhaustion.

Finished the formats on A Boy from the Streets which I can do currently, sent a request to my cover designer for some internal graphics which I will have to wait for as she is currently working exceptionally hard to keep her husband’s business open. But that’s okay, because I’ve done my thing and it’s all good to go as and when required. I started typing up some more of Illicit Love which is book two in The English Love Series. Most of the first draft of this already written but I do need to write the finish and do a lot of polishing on this one. This will be my main focus now.

Didn’t really do much of anything else today and I’m struggling now to keep my eyes open, so will say goodnight.

Stay safe and catch up tomorrow.

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