Covid-19 Day 8 Isolation

My first day leaving the house since Friday, the motorbike didn’t want to start, it’s feeling unloved but we got there in the end. Lidl in Feltham for food shopping, they allow 70 people in apparently but I saw no sign of how this was being managed, frankly I felt this was too many for such a small store. People clustered around in aisles, blocking aisles as they chatted (a couple) ergh excuse I want to get past without getting up close and personal! No, I didn’t say that but I wanted to.

Shopping done, time to head home and I’ve managed to crack on with typing up a significant amount of Illicit Love, which had previously been written in notebooks. This is something I do when I’m on holiday as I prefer to lug around a notebook than a laptop. Downside is I have to type it all up, upside I get to do a bit of an edit as I go along.

Didn’t go the treadmill today but on course to hit my 10,000 steps again. I also received my blood pressure machine which informed me my BP is high ranging between the normal high and mild hypertension range. Why do you think I’m sorting my eating out? Apart from becoming porkier by the minute.

Today seems to have disappeared at a rate of knots, how come work days don’t go so fast?

I’ll leave it there, stay safe and catch up tomorrow for the next thrilling episode in my isolation journey.

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