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Round up of the week

Round up of the Week



More than two thousand refugees and migrants have been moved off   the streets of Paris, where they have been sleeping rough for week.They were taken to temporary shelters in school gymnasiums on      Friday morning.

Hundreds of refugees and migrants had arrived in the Porte de la   Chapelle area of Paris and were sleeping under road bridges and on the side of the road with almost no access to water, food or       sanitation.


This makes me realise just how lucky I am.


A heist took place Thursday night from the Masterpiece art fair in Chelsea which was swarming with security and staff in what has been likened to the infamous Pink Panther films. Gems up to £3 million  were stolen with no apparent witnesses and no explanation of how  or when.

Can't help thinking it would make a great story although there are many such stories out there and maybe this one isn't for me.

My World

It has been quiet week but I do have an exciting potential         opportunity (non-writing related) that I can’t mention yet until I find out whether it will pay off. I've just come back from a visit to my parents' house where I also caught up with my brother and    nephew. Looking forward to a visit by my gorgeous cousin tomorrow. I've just finished reading Girls & Boys by M B Feeney which I can  highly recommend. My review will be posted next week. I also       finished the novella Laura's Locket by T M Lacoba, another great   read.

My Word

I sent a sample of 'Is this Love?’ to the editor and happy with her I will be sending the full book to her on Monday.

I have also continued writing the spin off story from A Boy from   the Streets which follows the life of Carlos. I’m getting quite    excited by this one.

I received another 5* star review for A Boy from the Streets and   was informed that I reduced the reader to tears. I must be doing    something right.

Catch you next week.

Maria x


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