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My review of “When Dead Men won’t Lie.” by Felicity Snowden

This book is a gentle walk through the boyhood of a man who is looking back on his life. It is set in 1959/1960 when the young Niall who had no interest in learning meets an inspirational cover teacher who ignites a passion for history in him. Niall devotes his time to studying and with the help of some discovered artefacts and visions of the past he changes his destiny.
The author paints a lovely story of a family who despite their closeness have their troubles. This book is interspersed with lots of lovely moments. I liked the relationship between Niall and his sister Alice.
There are some minor mistakes, typos but certainly not enough to distract from the story in any way.
If you are looking for a dynamic storyline then this book isn’t for you but if you are happy to meander through a lovely story with this author and her characters I would recommend picking this up for a read.
Looking forward to reading more by this author.

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