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My Review of Brief Encounters of the Third Kind by Janet Gogerty


I would have liked to have been able to give this book 4 stars and had it been half the size it certainly would have got that. The storyline was really clever mixing the science fiction with an everyday, normal family existence. The characters were likeable and believable and I loved the baby Adam, the author wrote his part extremely well. I got the sense that I knew most of them quite well during this story. However, the pacing for my liking was too slow, i think we were taken too much through the mundane part of a family’s life and for me it felt that it dragged and slowed the story down so that I struggled. I think the story would be much tighter if some of the repetition were removed. At times I nearly gave up reading it but I wanted to find out what happened which is a credit to the author’s ability and I am glad I finished it.

There was an event (won’t say what for fear of spoiling it for other reader’s|) that I felt should have had more emotion attached to it and it felt as though it slipped in alongside the everyday events too much.
Having said all of that I did enjoy it and will pick up more by this author in the future.

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