Letting go of hurts to find the truth

Sometimes we can feel hurt by the things that the people we care about say to us. We feel slighted because someone didn’t say something or forgot to do something, which can so easily lead to resentment and anger. Is it worth the upset it causes you to hold onto this? Sometimes for the good of the relationship you just have to allow it to wash over you and not allow it to cause a rift. Even if this means that you make the step towards reconciliation when you don’t believe you are in the wrong.

The truth is we are all living our own rather complicated lives and sometimes we are so caught up with it that we don’t think about the others around us and their expectations of us. Sometimes our words come out without thought as to how it will be interpreted. The thing, I have learnt, is that we all process things differently, sometimes that is the difference between male and female but not always. So when someone has said something to you that upsets you, take a step back. Is this person a friend, a loved one? They are generally not setting out to hurt us so it’s worth thinking about the way they may have used those words as opposed to the way you have heard them. If you have a certain insecurity, then you may link those words to you as a criticism when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If the person is setting out to upset or hurt you then maybe you need to consider whether they are worth having in your life. I mentioned before in a previous blog that life is the most precious gift that we are given. Only we can allow the words and actions of others to control our emotions. This isn’t something that is easy, it certainly isn’t something that I have nailed yet. I am working towards this, and I know when I have reached that state I will be a much happier, fulfilled person.

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