My week in e print -epic jigsaw puzzle

I won’t pretend that I have taken the world of self-publishing by storm. It would have been a fatal naivety on my behalf to have assumed that would happen in one week, and I would like to think I am realistic enough not to have believed that. I must hold my hands up though to not understanding how much was involved, and that is wholly due to not doing my research first.

Since the publication though I have been working tirelessly. I have also been lucky enough to have made some connections with some extremely helpful people who have given me snippets of advice that I am now working on. Every time I go onto the internet though I seem to pass countless hours, but I can’t call them fruitless. Each new thing goes towards creating my brand, and it is this which will help me create a successful career in writing. I think it would be useful to imagine the process as a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and I have only pieced together the outside so far.

I have four great reviews, one described it as, ” A modern take on Sleeping Beauty… with a difference.” I have to admit to feeling quite put out that I didn’t think of that myself. In all seriousness, though I can honestly say, I am very happy with all the comments and the continued support from friends and family.

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