Precious Memories

I read something recently about what children really want for Christmas. From Santa, they want presents, but from their parents, they really want their time. That doesn’t mean they don’t want gifts too, so this isn’t an excuse to buy them nothing this year!

It got me thinking though, especially when I received a message from my nephew today. He will be turning 18 years old in March and for as long as I can remember he hasn’t received a physical birthday or Christmas present from me. It must have been about eight or nine years ago that I took him to a gig as a present, a band he liked (I shan’t admit on here who they were). Every year since then we have done something together. My nieces asked me when they could have “Auntie Mia days” so as soon as they were old enough we too spent time going out to places together, experiencing new things. These are always on a one-to-one basis, so we get quality time together.

We’ve been ice-skating, water parks, wandering around castles, dinosaur experiences, shopping, Paris, Dolphin experience and many more, too numerous to mention. At Christmas, we all go together to the Panto in Richmond. The time, we spend together, is precious for not only me but for them too. Each year they know that they have the chance to opt out, but they choose our time together. In the early years, we wrote silly poems or songs together about our day, some of which we still have

My nephew messaged me today with an idea for his “Auntie Mia day.” I am a very lucky person to have such wonderful nieces and nephews and to be able to build precious memories with them. The time, they are children, is short, we think we have a lifetime, but we don’t. You will never regret a present you didn’t buy for them, but you will regret time not spent. If you want a great example of this, listen to “Cats in the Cradle,” by Ugly Kid Joe.

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