Covid-19 – Day 104 Isolation

Good evening all,

My last day of freedom before I head back to work. I’m certainly going to miss the time I had to spend on my books. So much to do and so little time moving forward. I have to appreciate the time I’ve had though and the changes I’ve been able to implement. It has reinforced for me that I want to make writing a full-time career and that I can motivate myself to do what’s needed. I have to make sure I use every bit of my spare time constructively and not avoid marketing as I had previously.

I spent the best part of this morning sorting through things for my return to work tomorrow and this afternoon editing Illicit Love. Up to page 84/206.

Had a call from my manager to check if I knew where I needed to go for my new role and said I could come in an hour later tomorrow. Nice.

Tomorrow’s blog will be a tad different, what that will look like will be as much as mystery to me as it will be for you.

Stay safe.

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